R67/3 1955


3x matching number
Dutch registration documents
Attractive motorbike in good technical condition. Engine runs nicely, smooth gear changes, original ignition works fine. The engine block is still fairly untampered with.  Great basic model for a technical overview and to take for a ride. Very rare Type only 700 produced reall collectors item.

Email adres:info@bmw-classicbikes.com
Mobil   0031-6-51386109

New construction details  R67/3      (267/2)

  • production                                           1955-1956
  • number produced                            700
  • VIN                                                           617001-617700
  • price                                                         3.235,00 DM
  • bore/stroke                                          72x73
  • cylinder capacity                              594
  • compression ratio                            6.5/1
  • power in hp                                           28/5.600